Renovation Pros: The Best Renovation Contractor for Your Home Makeover

It’s time to stop neglecting your dwelling and start beautifying it with these renovation contractor pros.

No matter how much you love the person who built your home, they probably didn’t do such a great job. Who would have thought that just one outdated bathroom or insufficient insulation could make such an impact? Your home might look nice enough from the outside, but with a little creativity and some hard work, it could be beautiful on the inside too.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Renovation Contractor For Your Home Makeover?

Planning an extensive home renovation project shouldn’t be taken on lightly. But you don’t have to take all of the stress upon yourself. Hiring a renovation contractor means that you can stay focused on the tasks that keep you busy and productive while letting them worry about things like permits, timing, and price quotes. Further, they can give you tips on how to make your home cozy and stylish without blowing your budget (we all know how tempting it is to overspend).

What Kind Of Renovations Do They Do?

Home renovation contractors are trained professionals who handle every aspect from start to finish as needed within the scope of their experience. Their services include:

  • Interior renovations such as drywall and paint, flooring installation and replacement, lighting, bathroom remodeling, cabinet remodeling, kitchen remodeling and countertops.
  • Exterior renovations might include adding new siding or a patio or other additions to your house.
  • If your home needs repairs such as electrical issues, water intrusion, or roof damage they will take care of it.

They can also handle any additional services that might be requires to get the job done properly like plumbing and electrical work. They even provide snow removal services if you need snow removal on your home. Home renovations are not a DIY project and hiring a contractor will help you get the job done right. To find a renovation contractor to help turn your house into the home of your dreams.

Top Benefits Of Hiring Renovation Contractors.

  • Maintaining a home is hard work and DIY projects are not something that you want to tackle.
  • Most renovation pros can do a lot of the home repairs or renovations that you need but only if you let them.
  • Renovation pros optimize efficiency while saving time and money.
  • You don’t have to worry about hiring an experienced contractor at the right price (Hiring the wrong contractor could leave you paying more than necessary).
  • Your new space will look better, function better, and last longer. So there’s really no reason not to go with a renovation pro.
  • The renovations are done in a timely manner and will fit into your budget.
  • HomeAdvisor directory listings include reviews, ratings, and pricing information for renovation contractors who are rated by past customers. You can find the perfect pro for the project that you need to be completed by searching through the list of pros available in your area. Home renovation has never been easier, faster, or more affordable than it is today.

Things To Consider Before Hiring Renovation Contractors.

  • Experience – You want a team that can get the job done quickly and under budget. Ask for references from previous clients or visit their website.
  • Licensure and certification – Make sure to ask if they are licensed or certified so you’re sure that you are hiring someone who is competent in their craft.
  • Safety record – There are many renovation pros out there, but how does their safety record (accidents, injuries, etc.) stack up? You don’t want your home to become a danger zone due to overzealous renovations.
  • References – Don’t just look at their website; call or email a few previous clients. Sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor can also help you get references for local pros. You can also read reviews on their site.
  • Warranty/ Guarantee – If any of your renovation work fails or breaks in less than a year and requires professional repair, who is going to take care of it? Double-check that your contractors offer high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and service. At the very least, they need to be able to fix any damage they cause during the renovation process. Most renovation contractors will have a Past Projects page that outlines what they’ve worked on, the project cost, and how much time it took them to complete. Ask for a portfolio of work that includes pictures of their past projects as well. Keep in mind, not all pros will be able to give you references since some customers prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Get it in writing – If anything goes wrong with the renovation process (time commitments, missed deadlines, etc.) and you don’t have something in writing then it’s your word against theirs. No matter how much you trust your contractor/s, having a written contract can help save you from any unnecessary stress or headaches during the process.
  • Contract length – Renovation work might be new to you but that doesn’t mean you should go in blind. Consider all aspects of the project that are worth the extra money and talk about them with your pro. Are there any parts or projects that you think could be better off left to a pro? Are there any specifics (color schemes, finishes, lighting, etc.) on your mind? If so, it’s important that you ask and make sure all the details are understood (check out our website for more on specifying home renovations).
  • Know what you want – It’s important to know what the renovation process entails for your location. And type of house before going forward with hiring a renovation pro. The more you know, the better the results will be.

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