Three Ways To Change Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you just purchased a new home and hate the kitchen cabinets it came with, or you realized your existing kitchen could use a bit of sprucing up, there are a few different ways you can entirely change up the looks of your kitchen cabinets.

Before you get started on a remodeling project, or start calling around for contractors to hire, you need to decide which route you want to take. You can either go for kitchen cabinet replacement, cabinet resurfacing, or cabinet refinishing.

Each of these options will have their pros and cons, and one option may work better for you than the other two. Let’s take a closer look at these three options and see how they differ.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing is one of the more labor intensive options involved, but can give you a stunning new look to your overall kitchen. Refinishing does not alter the main material, hardware, placement, size, or shape of the existing cabinets, but will drastically change the look of the wood.

This process involves hand sanding the entire cabinets inside and out to a bare wood state, and then covering that wood with a new wood stain or paint of your choice. This can be a cost effective way to achieve the look of expensive hardwoods in your kitchen without actually purchasing that wood type.

Cabinet Resurfacing

When you choose to resurface a cabinet. You are keeping the original placement and structure of the cabinet intact, but are replacing the look of the material it is made with.

For example, if you love the location, size, and shape of your kitchen cabinets, but they are in a vintage orange color you hate. You can choose to have them resurfaced or refaced with a more desirable wood tone veneer or laminate.

The process of resurfacing or refacing involves one or more of the following steps:

  • Replacing the cabinet doors
  • Replacing the crown molding
  • Replacing the hardware
  • Sanding and refinishing the wood
  • Laminating the existing wood

It’s important to note that both resurfacing and refacing do not need to do all of these steps. In fact, you can simply replace the doors and call the project done, or you can leave all of the hardware and wood in place and add a different laminate to the front surfaces.

Cabinet Replacement

Just like it sounds, cabinet replacement is the removal of the cabinets currently in your kitchen. This can be a very costly and time consuming project to undertake. But can give your kitchen an entirely new layout and look.

If you’re not in love with where cabinets are place, or simply want to free up some wall space. And make the room feel more open, removing and replacing cabinets may be your best option to achieve this goal.

This is also the only option if your vintage kitchen has metal cabinets and you want to install wood cabinets instead to modernize the look of the room.

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