The Six Types of Kitchen Layouts

Did you know that there are six types of basic kitchen layouts? Each shape is a different countertop layout and relationship between the three major parts of the kitchen: the fridge, stove, and sink. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, it is useful to consider each of the six types and how they might fit work with your space. Below, we’ll explain all six and some valuable tips about using them in your home.1. One Wall

This is the simplest kitchen layout and most often found in small homes or apartments where space is of the essence. The counters are one wall, and all three elements are on that wall in a straight line. When you can avoid this kitchen style, you should. They offer very little flexibility and feel cramped if more than one person is trying to use the space. Depending on the length of the wall, they may also not provide adequate counterspace. And remember that you actually don’t want to wall to be very long, or your essential elements are too far apart to make cooking convenient.

2. Galley

A galley kitchen is like a hallway, with two walls and two countertops on each side. This has much more utility and countertop space than a one wall kitchen. In general, you want to place the stove on the opposite wall of the sink and fridge. This gives you the most productive kitchen space, where you have the most space to prep next to the cooking element.

Galley kitchen are more productive, but they generally are not ideal for modern homes. They interrupt open-concept spaces with a wall.

L shaped kitchen

3. L-Shaped

L-shaped kitchens are those with one long counter space bent into an “L” shape. It is a common kitchen shape where the kitchen is in the back corner of the home, and it makes good use of space. Typically, the fridge is placed on the shorter end of the “L” because the other two elements need more counterspace for convenience.

4. U-Shaped

For homes that have the space, a U-shaped kitchen is an excellent choice. It looks like a “U” but with sharp corners. Typically, designers will place the stove, fridge and sink each on their own section of the “U”. This means there is much more space for cooking, even if multiple people are trying to use the space at once. On the other hand, U-shaped kitchens are better for traditional-styled homes. You can make them feel more modern by including only one or two walls in their design.

5. Peninsula

The peninsula kitchen is just like the U-shaped kitchen except that it also has a short section of countertop, making the shape almost a square. Usually, this extra bit of countertopis used to make a small seating area or breakfast bar.

island kitchen

6. Island

The island kitchen is easily the most popular modern kitchen style. It combines the one wall with an island directly facing the kitchen.

Which kitchen type will fit in your home best? We suggest you talk to a professional designer to create your kitchen design. If you’re looking for a kitchen remodeler in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, or anywhere in the South Bay, we’re happy to help.

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