How to Design a Kitchen with High Ceilings

There’s a certain drama added to any space with a high ceiling. However, it can also feel like an intimidatingly large blank canvas. What do you do with a kitchen that has a high ceiling? Here are some ideas that can help you fill the Kitchen with High Ceilings and make the drama work for whatever style of kitchen you have.

1. Exposed Ceiling Beams

One of the best tricks for any space with a cathedral ceiling is to add in exposed ceiling beams. Wooden beams are among the most popular because they can bring warmth to the space and a rustic vibe. But including brass elements can also lend an interesting appeal to your ceiling beams.

2. Accent Walls in Color or Material

You have a lot of wall space in a kitchen with high ceilings. When you have a modern kitchen, all of that wall space is usually white. You can add a lot of visual interest with an accent wall without making the kitchen overwhelming or ruining its modern look. Try adding a vibrant colour to just one wall. Blues and yellows are good choices for kitchens. Or you could add a new material to bring in a really high-end feeling. Natural stone and marble are good options.

3. Large Hood Ranges

You have the chef’s kitchen; now add in the chef’s favorite hood range. Hood ranges that extend upwards more than normal help to bring attention to the high ceiling. You don’t have to actually install the ventilation that high. You can have your designer extend the range for looks only while keeping the exhaust where the hood range’s manufacturer intended.

kitchen with high ceilings

4. Statement Light Fixtures

You may have considered adding a dramatic light fixture to a living room or dining room that has a high ceiling. The same trick works in a kitchen. Ditch the pot lights and look for a large fixture that can play up the specific style of your kitchen. If you have an industrial-themed kitchen or can make it work, you’re especially in luck as this is a trendy style for light fixtures at the moment.

5. Artwork Upwards

Normally you want to place artwork where you can see it, but oversized artwork or simple pieces can still look great up near the ceiling. Try to make a cascade of artwork up your kitchen walls the way you might put it up to your staircase. Or, choose one large piece and place it far up on the wall.

another kitchen with high ceilings

6. High and Open Shelving

All of that space on your walls can be very practical and a good spot to display your most treasured kitchen items. Place long, floating shelves in a series up the wall and adorn them with favorite plates, matching food containers, or artsy kitchen accessories like mortar and pestle made of unique material.

The only thing you have to watch out for with this kitchen feature is that the shelving doesn’t become cluttered and begins to detract from the clean feeling of the high ceiling.

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