7 Signs It Is Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

It’s a small but very impactful room in your home. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to remodel and keep up to date. But people tend to put it off because bathroom remodel have the reputation of being a little stressful. Here are the signs that it is time to remodel, and maybe call in the professionals to make sure you love the results.

1. Functional Frustration

The most important things your bathroom offers are the practicalities. If you find yourself frustrated by a tub that is too small, a toilet that is too close to the wall, a mirror that is too far from your face, or other functional problems, it is time to remodel. You may have gotten used to the annoyances of your bathroom, so consider how things could go smoother the next time you’re in there.

2. Growing Family

New family members will end up putting stress on the bathroom remodel. Spaces that used to seem small but adequate may suddenly be far too small or just not practical. You might need to make room for a changing table, add in more storage for additional toiletries, or make the shower kid-friendly. Be sure to plan for your child’s needs as a teen as well as their needs now.

3. Aged Fixtures and Features

When your pipes are springing leaks, your tub is draining slowly, your shower head gets clogged easily, and your other features and fixtures are aging, it may not be worthwhile to just do one repair at a time. Strings of repairs can be more costly than simply replacing the troubled plumbing. Full remodels should prevent the need for further plumbing repairs.

4. Dated or Poor Style

You don’t have to walk into a bathroom and feel like you traveled time to know your bathroom needs an update. Take a look online at the latest styles and see how your bathroom matches up. Even those bathrooms updated in the last ten or fewer years can still become dated or might just not reflect your personal style or the updated style in the rest of the home. Updating your bathroom’s looks can create a more cohesive and enjoyable home.

5. You’re Going to Sell

While you might pour all of your focus into the kitchen, the bathroom is actually an excellent place to invest in a remodel and increase the value of your home. This is especially true if your bathroom is outdated, but that’s not the only situation it makes sense. Buyers in many markets appreciate completely refreshed bathroom designs.

6. Safety Concerns

If you are getting older, host your older parents, or are thinking of selling a home in a neighborhood favored by older couples, remodeling the bathroom for their safety concerns is very wise. Slip-resistant surfaces, no threshold showers, grab bars and other features can make the bathroom safer for the elderly and more valuable to them.

7. Poor Lighting

Few bathrooms have large windows. Adding better quality lighting or options to amplify light such as skylights and additional mirrors can really help improve your bathroom.

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